Charities to Donate to in Duncan's Memory

Thank you for your interest in supporting charities in memory of Duncan. We have not set up a specific foundation in his name but we felt he would prefer people, if they wished, to donate to established projects. The three projects we have considered to be closest to Duncan’s heart, are described below.

May 2013: The amazing Open Voice choir and their conductor Carol Donaldson held a fantastic concert in aid of Duncan's charities and invited the wonderful Charlie Dore to take part and join them, at the beautiful old St Margaret's church in Whalley Range Manchester. The money raised is going to San Luis street children and some of the music is on YouTube: Open Voice - If You Feel Like Loving Me - Clip, Open Voice - Only You, Charlie Dore - I'm Clearing Out My House - Clip, Charlie Dore with Open Voice - Big Boned Girl, Charlie Dore with Open Voice - Finally a Limousine, Charlie Dore with Open Voice - Maximum Bob, Charlie Dore with Open Voice - Pilot of the airwaves.

December 2012: We have been continued to be overwhelmed by everybody's generosity towards Duncan's charities. In 2011 The Engine Shed were able to refurbish their entrance way and in 2012 with money raised during "Duncan Day" when many of Duncan's friends got together to have a party and the continuing generosity of the choirs which Carol Donaldson is involved in, the Engine Shed have updated their audio-visual equipment used in their newly refurbished meeting room. It is also wonderful to think that in San Luis, the street children have been given presents both on children's day and at Christmas for the last two years. Thank you all so much for your generosity and thinking of Duncan in this constructive way, hoping you all have fantastic Christmases and that 2013 is a good year for you.

December 2011: Even though they have already raised loads of money for Duncan's charities with their concerts, the wonderful Open Voice choir from Manchester have recorded a CD of their inspiring singing to raise money for Duncan's charities - click here to find out all about it and how to get your own copy - Open Voice "Songs for 2011".

The Engine Shed - Edinburgh
The Engine Shed

Duncan loved welcoming us to visit him in Edinburgh.  Each time we visited him he would take us out to lunch at different fundraising venues and projects including those for the homeless, addiction rehabilitation, community arts etc.  The place he most enjoyed taking us to and supporting was the Engine Shed, a vegetarian café and organic bakery run by the Garvald Foundation as a training project for people with learning disabilities to help them improve their confidence, learn transferable skills in a real work environment and move into paid employment in withmainstream workplaces.  If you would like further information please see:
The Engine Shed - Edinburgh

San Luis street children

Duncan loved adventure and wild places and after graduating he planned to travel to South America to work and explore.  He also enjoyed spending time with and motivating younger children through running the weekly sports group in his village and enjoying the company of his lovely young cousins.  A very good friend of ours supports a centre for street children in San Luis in Argentina and Duncan had been asking her about the centre and had hoped to visit there on his travels. The Comedor Madre Teresa de Calcuta is a shelter for approximately 600 ‘street’ children in San Luis, Argentina.  It receives no government funding and is totally reliant on donations from local people and organizations.  They need money to enable them to buy food, clothing, shoes and medicines for the children.  We felt this project combines his passion for South America and for supporting young, disadvantaged children.  If you would like further information please see:
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Street Children - San Luis

San Luis's Comedor Madre Teresa de Calcutta cannot take direct donations so we are collecting donations ourselves to forward directly via established links. So please email if you would like more details on how to donate

Argentinian Atlantic Rainforests (The World Land Trust)

Duncan loved growing up in the countryside and when younger spent days with his “Swainsbury breeds” friends exploring and making dens in the woods surrounding Swainby.  His love of wild woodlands and his interest in South America drew us to the World Land Trust, an international conservation organization which saves and preserves rainforests and other wildlife habitats and by preserving the ecosystems can preserve the endangered species within them.  If you want to know more and perhaps make a donation you can do this directly through this link:
Argentinian Rainforest

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